Patient Reviews

"Dr Simona has always been very professional and has a very kind manner. My son feels very comfortable when attending her appointments."   


     Overall 5/5     Explanation 5/5    Bedside Manner 5/5                                                        identified patient   8/2021


"I feel very happy with Dr Lampariello‘s treatment of my daughter. Kind and professional. Thank you."   


    Overall 5/5     Explanation 5/5    Bedside Manner 5/5                                                         identified patient   6/2021



    Overall 5/5     Explanation 5/5    Bedside Manner 5/5                                                         identified patient   6/2021

“Dr Lampariello is an amazing paediatrician. We have met her since my oldest daughter was one years old, and every time I have a problem with my children or just for the annual checks, we meet her. She is an excellent doctor, super caring with kids and parents. She examines kids with such a tender manner, they never get scared by her. Every time I had a doubt I could contact Dr Lampariello and she has provided incredible help, also spending time to explain treatments for a non medical expert. I recommend Dr Lampariello to all my friends!!!”


     Overall 5/5     Explanation 5/5    Bedside Manner 5/5                                                          identified patient   6/2021



“We were very happy to be referred to Dr Simona, as parents she quickly put our worries and anxieties at ease whilst providing excellent consultancy. Her high level of care and sense of duty was made apparent quickly and she is our families point of contact with any medically related concerns regarding our son.”  


        Overall 5/5     Explanation 5/5    Bedside Manner 5/5                                                       identified patient   6/2021

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